• Kebun Tea Latte Bar
  • Kebun Tea Latte Bar

Kebun's Signature Cashew Mylk

Our temptational premium quality non-dairy mylk is not ordinary milk! We grind the best quality whole cashews to create a unique delicacy Kebun’s Cashew Mylk. With all its goodness and nutrition within, we guarantee absolutely no artificial substitutes! It tastes better than milk, has more nutritional value,  and promises a completely new healthy beginning.

What is Kebun?

  • 1st Dedicated Vegan Latte Bar in Singapore

    We're vegan ourselves and realised there weren't many vegan options around that didn’t cost the planet, our body or wallet!

  • Handcrafted Cashew Mylk made fresh daily

    We are on an uncompromising mission to craft the best dairy-free milks possible, which is why we use whole, premium cashews, and absolutely no artificial substitutes!

  • A Soulful Movement

    Kebun Tea Bar provides a stage to the movement of restoring the lost soul into tea and making it a bar of high-quality. 

  • Clean ingredients

    We’re committed to using only premium, clean ingredients, because we respect the fact you’ve committed to putting this in your body.

  • Great taste

    Our dedicated team have worked tirelessly to ensure Inside Out delivers the best tasting non-dairy beverages on the market. Try it for yourself & put us to the test!

Dive in & Start sipping

TEA BLEND | Kebun Earl Grey - kebun

TEA BLEND | Kebun Earl Grey

From Regular price $15.00

TEA BLEND | White Rose Lychee - kebun

TEA BLEND | White Rose Lychee

From Regular price $15.00

TEA BLEND | Ondeh Ondeh - kebun

TEA BLEND | Ondeh Ondeh

From Regular price $15.00

The Craft of Exotic Tea Blends – A Satisfying Journey:

Each cup of tea is a journey, andwe ensure that you feel that in every sip. A journey through the commune of craftswomen and craftsmen who shape Kebun's world... from the master tea blendersto the tea planters, to the tea pickers, to the tea samplers, to the tea brewers, to the mylkcrafters... and oh yes, to the vegans too!


From small beginnings in Singapore, Kebun Specialty Tea Bar has taken the traditional art of tea, turned it on its head and shared it with the world’s best hotels, restaurants and gourmet food stores. If you would like to partner with Kebun Wholesale, we would love to hear from you!

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Are your teas gluten/dairy/allergen free?

All Kebun products are free from ingredients containing gluten or dairy. Additionally, we do not work with ingredients containing or exposed to eggs, wheat, corn, soy or shellfish. We do use coconut in several blends, but follow a strict allergen control procedure to separate these ingredients from our allergen-free ingredients.

What are ‘natural flavors’?

Natural flavors are concentrated liquid extracts made from real food ingredients. We use natural flavors to complement dried fruits, herbs, and other botanicals in some blends to create a complex depth of flavor that infuses deeply into the tea leaves. We use our natural flavors in compliance with international organic standards and we are one of few tea companies who do not use any artificial flavors in our teas.

Is it lactose free?

Kebun's products are 100% lactose free.

Hmm…it’s a little expensive…

We work very very hard to make our product as affordable as possible. Considering that cashews aren’t exactly cheap and that we use W320 (100% - not cashew butter, paste or meal), couple that with our soulful crafters at the production line, you will start to see the price is very reasonable!

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